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Hello, and welcome to the BBXL development website! BBXL is Bulletin Board software written in Perl that can easily integrate with your website. BBXL has a fully customizable template system that is easy to use by users of any level. Need a way to bring your users together? Bulletin Board Excel is the answer for you!

Current Project Status

BBXL is currently in the pre-alpha stage. Coding has begun and it is rapidly being developed. If you wish to get the latest version of BBXL, you can obtain it by way of CVS here. If you are not interested in obtaining BBXL by way of CVS, please see the BBXL Download Page to download BBXL by way of HTTP.

Bug Reports and Support Requests

For a list of current bug reports, or to report a bug, please see the BBXL Bug Tracker. If you wish to submit a support request, please see the BBXL Support Tracker.

Plans for the future

What features does BBXL plan to offer later on in the future? Well, see below for a list of planned features for BBXL (Note: This may be changed from time to time).

Thank you for your interest in BBXL! If you are interested in this project, or if you wish to become a developer, please contact me at jeffwilson12@users.sourceforge.net.

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BBXL, and all of its components are released under the GPL (General Public License).
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